30 Health Concerns Women in Their 40s Should Watch For


Woman are no longer dreading reaching middle age and are feeling healthier than ever, thanks to the latest fitness and wellness trends. But aging comes with a lot of changes, too. It’s usually around 40 when some women start to form deeper fine lines and wrinkles. The big 4-0 also signals the importance of doing health screenings regularly. For example, at age 40, women should have their first mammogram. The good news is there are ways to anticipate where your health is headed as you age through preventative screenings and an active lifestyle. Remember, age is just a number so keep it that way!




I’ve Spent The Last 4 Years Living In A Van And It Transformed My Entire Life

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Adventure, Brittany Rouille and Drew Neumann.  Brittany, a writer and videographer, documented their 21,000 mile journey in the U.S. and their 40,000 mile sojourn throughout Europe.  Drew was instrumental in finding ways to finance their 4 year adventure. Join Brittany  and Drew as they share their story with us.


van trip

van trip 2