11 signs your boss may be a narcissist, including lots of swearing and a love of being in control

A narcissist at work may make your day-to-day difficult. It’s not much better if that narcissist is your boss. There are many narcissists in power because of traits they’re able to leverage, such as risk-taking and being charming.

Business Insider says that, “Narcissists often thrive in leadership roles, since so-called “productive narcissists” are super comfortable with risk and charming enough to get people’s backing for their ideas.”   But the problem, of course, is that narcissists are typically looking out for themselves, ready to cut down anybody who challenges them, and like to take credit for other people’s work.

Here are 11 signs BI says to watch for:



11 situations in which you probably shouldn’t do your own taxes (U.S.)

Slide 1 of 12: There's no question that doing taxes yourself can save money. A 2016-2017 survey by the National Society of Accountants said tax pros charged an average of $273 to prepare a Form 1040, Schedule A, and a state return. That's no small chunk of change, especially when it’s so cheap (or for some filers, free) to use a guided tax-preparation program online. Unfortunately, going it alone can be extremely costly in the long run if it leads to avoidable errors or omissions that leave money on the table or pique the interest of the Internal Revenue Service. Read on for 11 potentially tricky situations where using a tax pro might make sense.

It’s beginning to look like tax time every where you go….Sorry U.S. residents, soon it will be Chris…, oops, tax time.  The question for you is who will do them, you or an expert.  How complicated are your finances ? Check out this article to help you decide.  Truth be told, it’s sponsored by a tax software company. I use it yearly, but am not a spokesman.


I’ve been a manager for 10 years — here are the 5 best ways to impress your boss


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