Conversation Starters: What is Your Favorite ?

COLOR                                    FOOD                          HOLIDAY                     PLACE

BOOK                                      MUSIC                         SONG                           ARTIST

THING TO DO                      OUTFIT                          CAR                             CITY

STATE                                    COUNTRY                    SEASON                       POEM

JOB                                       HAIR COLOR                HAIR STYLE                 MOVIE

SPORT TO WATCH          SPORT TO PLAY           DRINK                         ANIMAL

PET                                       ARTWORK                   FASHION                      PHONE

ENTERTAINMENT           HOBBY                           ATHLETE                      GAME

TV SHOW                             ACTOR                         ACTRESS                      HERO

VILLIAN                              ICE CRÈAM                  RESTAURANT              FRIEND

OBSESSION                        STORE                            QUOTE                          MAGAZINE

WEB SITE                            MEMORY                      GIFT                               AGE    


Can you think of more of your favs ?   


Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who are prepared. I want to help you prepare by sharing what I have learned about life skills, and how I am still learning. Not knowing these skills can effect your personal growth. I hope you enjoy and learn from this information. Feel free to connect with me, to comment or e-mail your question and opinions. Sit back, relax and let the learning begin. Email:

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